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We get it!

Our associate letting agents understand that very often your property is not just one of many buy to let investments, but in most cases your only property and future home. This personal attachment means that you need to ensure that you only have the best people looking after it.

Looking after your best interests

If you are already letting your property, how many times have you wondered what you are paying your agent for, when all that seems to be the focus is what is good for the tenant? Of course tenants need to be looked after and you do want your agent to ensure that you complying with letting regulations, but just as importantly you want an agent that is going to ensure that the tenants look after your property with respect.

Finding Tenants

They look for only the best tenants, if there is anything which leads them to believe they may cause a problem they simply won't take them. They know you want someone in your property as soon as possible, but you want them paying and you want them to look after your investment.


We have access to 24 Hour Maintenance covering the whole of the UK.

Rent Reviews

By controlling the renewal dates, they try to avoid tenancies ending in difficult winter months and Christmas, which are the more difficult times of the year to secure tenants, this minimises void periods.

Reduced Void Periods

Despite all the best checks and referencing carried out there are many reasons why a tenant may stop paying, it may be illness, job loss, increasing debt. Whatever the cause, you will likely still have a mortgage to pay and it is essential that it is dealt with early.

Rent Arrears

Letting agents are usually equipped to deal with rent collection and to a point chasing tenants for rent arrears, but they run out of steam when it comes to evictions and court proceedings, you will find at the point when you most require assistance your letting agent is passing you the problem to refer on for legal assistance.

Furthermore and to the horror of less experienced landlords you will find that council's advise to any tenants who are faced with eviction is that they should stay in the property until they are legally evicted. They also reluctant to rehome anyone with rent arrears.

The letting agents engage a no nonsense approach to rent arrears, whilst they need to remain within the law, the tenants will be under no illusion that if they stop paying they will be leaving as soon as it is legally possible. They will happily and quickly facilitate their exit!

If you have any questions or problems with your house or mortgage, we are always just a call away to ask for advice.

Rent & Legal Protection

We cannot express how important it is to have rent and legal protection, even with a fast eviction you do not want to be out of pocket. Usually you would lose at least 1 month of rent to cover the excess, but our comprehensive insurance gives you cover for the full amount, you will also benefit from up to £60,000 of legal cover.

Personal Dedicated Landlord Service

You will have just one point of contact for your property, one fee structure and professional statements.

Case Study

We have recently taken on a landlord in a desperate state with £7,500 of rent arrears and a tenant with no intention of leaving. After a month of hard work and without the need for legal action the tenant surrendered the keys.

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